Our Expert Team

Our insurance experts are client relation oriented, meaning they strive to provide you with the best coverage that suits your specific needs and lifestyle. You can rest assured that with Yates & Associates, you have a team that is dedicated to your protection at all times. As a family owned business, we believe in putting family first and as our client, you become family.
rodney & sherri

Rodney & Sherri Yates

Rodney and Sherri Yates have been involved with Yates & Associates since 1997. Mr. Yates opened the first grocery store in Boerne, TX called Poor Boy Incorporated and later began his career in insurance in 1976. Sherri Yates graduated from Shriner University in Shriner, TX with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. Mrs. Yates spent her professional career working at Kerville Accounting Firm, Davis Stewart until 1991 when she opened her own insurance agency. She has been operating the agency ever since.

Email Sherri and Rodney: sherricyates@yahoo.com

Rodda Yates-Schara


With over 25 years of experience,  Rodda is licensed in almost all 50 states and owns and operates Yates  & Associates in Boerne, TX.  She is member of Insurance Agency Owners Alliance, Independent agents of Texas, Asian American Hotel Owners Association,  Texas Wildlife Association, Texas Deer Association and San Antonio Jr Livestock Association just to name a few. What separate this agency from the rest is she specializes in commercial insurance and her husband, Rivers Schara, specializes in personal lines insurance.  They have 6 children together and are thrilled to working together.

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Rivers Schara

Rivers Schara, a graduate of Sul Ross State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree launched his insurance career in 1999 as a third-generation State Farm Agent alongside with his father, David Schara. In 2002, he opened his first office as a captive agent with State Farm than in 2022 he became independent agent partnering with his wife Rodda Yates- Schara. Rivers Schara Insurance is a division of Yates & Associates Insurance, a family-owned agency with over 50 years of experience. Rivers lives his life by a quote from Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”; Rivers expresses he has been blessed professionally and personally. Rivers and Rodda have six children and are actively involved in the agriculture industry. Spare time is often spent traveling to Livestock Show and Rodeos with their children. If you ever see him do not hesitate to tell Old Man Rivers hello.

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Amber Meyer
(Office Manager &
Livestock Mortality Specialist)

Amber is a native of the Texas Hill Country who brings over 12 years of Management experience to Yates & Associates. Although she is new to the insurance industry, her determination and drive to achieve makes her an asset for our team. Amber’s spare time is often spent volunteering with local nonprofit organizations within the Agriculture Industry. She and her husband, Scott, reside in Harper, Texas where they have raised their three children Trace, Cooper and Hallie.

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Rodalyn Dunham

Rodalyn is a dedicated student on her journey to excellence. As the daughter of Rodda Schara, she is currently pursuing her degree in Business Marketing and Management at Angelo State University. With a strong commitment to academic growth and a passion for business, she aspires to leverage her education and skills to make a significant impact in the world of marketing and management. Stay tuned for her future accomplishments and contributions in the field.

Email: rodalyndunham@icloud.com

Frannie Hernandez
(Personal Lines Account Manager)

Email: Frannie@yatesinsurance.com

Scout Schara
(Office Admin Assistant)

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Leann Cox-Robinson
(Executive Producer)

Leann has been in the insurance business since 1984. She is originally from Amarillo, Texas and relocated to South Texas in 2000. She and her husband reside in Gonzalez, Tx and have two children, Tilden and Logan, as well as a grandson. She has been a longtime friend of Rodda and Rodney since 2002 and looks forward to working with Yates to continue her insurance career. Leann specializes in the Hospitality and Retail industry.

Email Leann:  leann@yatesinsurance.com

Rodney Dunham
(Agency Producer)

Email:  Rodneyd@yatesinsurance.com

Greg Herrera
(Personal Account Manager)

Greg, aged 45, has resided in diverse locations such as Georgia, South Florida, and the DFW metroplex. Nevertheless, over the last 34 years, San Antonio has remained his unequivocal home. His academic journey led him to attain a BBA in Business Management from the University of Texas Arlington. Following this, he spent 6 years dedicated to the sale of Life and Health insurance. Now, as a part of Yates and RS Insurance, Greg assumes the role of a Commercial Account Manager.

Email: greg@yatesinsurance.com

Lacey Katzer
(Commercial Account Manager)

Email: Lacey@yatesinsurance.com

Rochelle Victoriano
(Commerical Insurance Specialist)

Rochelle Victoriano, is a seasoned insurance professional with a track record of delivering insurance solutions to individuals and businesses in Massachusetts for 4 years, followed by 3 years of service in California. In 2022, I expanded my expertise to the thriving state of Texas. My professional ethos revolves around offering a diverse array of property and casualty insurance products and services meticulously tailored to safeguard businesses. My areas of specialization encompass property coverages, liability coverages, and contract bonds. I am committed to forging close client relationships, investing the time to understand the unique characteristics of each business I serve, and ultimately delivering the most effective insurance solutions. Beyond my professional endeavors, I find immense motivation and inspiration from my two children. Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for community engagement and am actively involved in fundraising initiatives for orphanages, further reflecting my commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of insurance.

Email: Rochelle@yatesinsurance.com

Prince Victoriano
(Commercial Service Representative)

Prince Victoriano comes to Yates & Associates with over one year’s experience working as a Customer Service Associate and over 3 years as an Assistant Underwriter. He will be assisting us in Customer Support as the specialty is helping clients.

In my spare time, he enjoys his time with his family and playing online games.

Email: Service@yatesinsurance.com

Antonette Bagtas
(Commerical Service Representative)

Antonette joined Yates & Associates Insurance in the Spring of 2023. She began as our Commercial Customer Service Representative with over three years of insurance experience. Her meticulous nature and attention to detail makes her superb with client’s insurance needs.

In my spare time, Antonette enjoys traveling, music and spending time with her family.

Email: support@yatesinsurance.com

Ross Richardson
(Commercial Service Manager)

Email: Ross@yatesinsurance.com


Email: nana@yatesinsurance.com

Aemar Apostol
(Personal Service Specialist)

Aemar connected with Yates & Associates and RS Insurance in 2023 in our Personal Lines Department. He has over 6 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, and for the past 4 years an Insurance Servicing Specialist. His approach combines servicing and sales expertise to establish authentic connections and provide peace of mind through competitive insurance coverage tailored to individual needs. He has a unique talent for turning the complex insurance landscape into engaging narratives. Each policy has its own story, and he’s there to share it with passion and sincerity.

Email: aemar@yatesinsurance.com

Luis Zambrano
(Commerical Service Representative)

Luis joins our team as our Commercial Service Representative. He is responsible for overseeing the processing of claims, audits, and inspections for our clients. He ensures that the claims are handled efficiently and accurately and that the customers are satisfied with the outcome. In his spare time, you will find him relaxing outdoors.

Email: Luis@yatesinsurance.com

Paula Nerna
(Commerical Service Representative)

Email: Paula@yatesinsurance.com